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From savoury to sweet backaldrin’s multi-faceted range of products at Gulfood 2017

backaldrin is present at Gulfood 2017 with Chia Bread, the classic Kornspitz®, pretzels and other small baked goods, as well as snacks. On the sweeter side, the international baking ingredients manufacturer introduces a new baking mix for American Cookies, and visitors to the stand can also expect creations with Red Velvet and Macarons.

Chia seeds are all the rage in bakeries, but it was already the Mayans and Aztecs who used the nutritional benefits of chia. They even believed that chia possessed magical powers. Today chia seeds are known for their high protein content and Omega-3 fatty acids. In keeping with the trend, backaldrin offers its Chia Bread at Gulfood. This bread is characterised by a particular juiciness, long-lasting freshness and a high degree of flexibility during processing.

Also to be found at backaldrin’s Gulfood stand is the ever successful brand-name bread roll, Kornspitz®. It is not hard to understand why bread roll lovers in more than 70 countries around the world enjoy a Kornspitz®; its balanced mixture of high quality raw materials – such as rye and wheat flour, rye, wheat and soy protein, wheat malt and linseed – combine to deliver a robust flavour that pairs well with any topping.

Crisp lye pretzels, another long-time favourite at the Gulfood, are also not missing in 2017, and backaldrin master bakers have expanded the Gulfood repertoire to include Italiano Cheese Fingers. With a delicate Mediterranean flavour and hints of rosemary and oregano, crispy and fresh, they are perfect as a snack. Maize bread baked with pumpkin seeds and cheese also makes a repeat appearance.

American Cookies for every taste
These sweet temptations from America are taking over the world. For the easy production of the popular biscuits, backaldrin developed the baking premix American Cookies. Two basic recipes open the door to a wide variety of creations. At the Gulfood, backaldrin presents Chocolate Cookies and Blueberry Cookies. Also new to the backaldrin range are Red Velvet Swiss Rolls and Slices as well as Macarons in different flavours.