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Opening of Production Site in Russia

With a newly built production facility, international baking ingredients manufacturer backaldrin International The Kornspitz Company is expanding its business activities in the Russian market. ARVALUS is a wholly owned backaldrin subsidiary based in Stupino, south of Moscow. The official opening took place on 13 October 2017.

backaldrin began to tap into the Russian market in 1995. In 2007, the company opened a bakery centre on the outskirts of Moscow. The House of Bread, “Dom Chleba”, is a distribution centre for Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Now, ten years later, it is time for the next step: in addition to the existing branch office, the ARVALUS plant has been opened in the Novoe Stupino industrial park in Stupino near Moscow. “With our own production, we can better meet the rising demand of our customers in Russia and in the neighbouring countries,” explains backaldrin Managing Director Harald Deller, adding, “In the largest country in the world, bakery is rich in tradition and bread is valued.”

Success Story Russia
A prerequisite for entry into Russia was the certainty of finding a similar baking culture as in Austria. “The bakers and consumers appreciate quality from Austria,” backaldrin owner Peter Augendopler is convinced. This was proven by his personal experience: right next to him, in a Moscow supermarket, a young woman ordered “dwa Kornspitz paschalsta” (two Kornspitz, please). Thus, in 2007, the decision for the Dom Chleba was made: “We will set up a new branch here.” Said and done: after a construction period of just 15 months, the House of Bread was opened south-west of Moscow’s city limits. Baking ingredients produced at the backaldrin headquarters in Asten, Upper Austria, were stored in the warehouse. Until now.

ARVALUS – “Centre for Eurasian Economic Area”
After a little more than one year of construction, the new production facility was opened on 13 October 2017. From now on, backaldrin products will be produced locally. “With the ARVALUS plant, we are closer to the Russian customers and, therefore, more competitive. In this way, we are creating a centre for the Eurasian economic area,” explains Deller. The lower currency risk is a further advantage. The new production facility, located 75 km south of Moscow, employs 50 people.